A Tracks And Trails visitor, or ***warning: this is a pun*** maybe this will be a Tracks and Tails visitor, had a great question today;

“I am trying to search for hikes I can do this summber BC or Alberta
where I can go for a few days camping and hiking but where I Can take
my dog with me… any suggestiong on hikes or where I might find this
info?” 😛 😛 😛


My 4 month old Australian Shepherd cross, Sydney wants to go hiking to!

My first thought is if your planning to hike and camp in British Columbia or Alberta this summer, you will probably be travelling through the Rockies which would include Banff, Lake Louise Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park etc and if that is the case I would check out the respective Park websites for the individual loacation restrictions – I don’t think there are any (aside from keeping your dog on a leash around campsites). Having said that, I will be checking myself and find out if there are any blanket statements that can be made and will update this post asap.

Now if you are interested in Free Camping in BC, you can use the Forest Recreation Sites and pets are allowed, even Black Bear Pets so just be sure to treat them kindly if you see them and post a picture of them here please! If you are on any backroads in BC they are generally on Crown Land – Hiking and Camping is free and pets are allowed! 🙂

As for suggestions on hikes well, you have come to the right place. I could list my favourite hikes and camping areas below and encourage others to as well but there are a few listed here – Favourite Camping Areas but to really help your trip be memorable, I encourage you to leave a comment below and state your experience in camping and hiking and what features you would most like to see.