Free Guided Hikes

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Enjoy free guided hikes in British Columbia!  If you do not have a membership with one of the following hiking clubs, please consider attaining one.  If not, contact a club and see if you can try a guided hike as a guest.

Hiking Clubs of British Columbia

Hiking Clubs of Ontario

Bruce Trail Hiking Clubs
Niagara Bruce Trail Club
Queenston to Grimsby

Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club
Grimsby to Kelso

Toronto Bruce Trail Club
Kelso to Cheltenham
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Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club
Cheltenham to Mono Centre
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Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club
Mono Centre to Lavender

Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club
Lavender to Craigleith

Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club
Craigleith to Blantyre

Sydenham Bruce Trail Club
Blantyre to Wiarton

Peninsula Bruce Trail Club
Wiarton to Tobermory

South Africa Hiking Clubs

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 Smart Hiking and Camping Tips
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