FATWOOD: 3 Fatwood Camping Firestarter Sticks


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3 sticks of the long lasting FATWOOD TINDER made to be used with the reliable, compact QUICK-FIRE Striker.

Use a fatwood stick to light a fire. Fluff the fatwood and create tiny fatwood shavings that are very fine, fine enough to catch a spark from a ferro rod and striker, lighting up the fire tinder every time. In the three videos below, students are lighting a fire without matches for their first time! Practice your bushcraft with a fatwood fire stick because sometimes the technique needs to mastered. A  fluffed pile of tiny fatwood shavings lights every time!

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What is fatwood?

Fatwood is wood saturated with pitch. Fatwood is collected from a tree that has been harvested decades earlier. The remaining stump and roots are full of tree pitch and are used to make fatwood chunks for fire starting.

Where to find fatwood here in Canada, British Columbia?

This fatwood fire starter is harvested on Okanagan hillsides where pine is the dominant species and pine pitch makes the greatest fatwood.

If you tried fatwood sticks from other parts of the world, you will want to compare fatwood from Canadian pine!

How do you harvest Fatwood?

The first step in harvesting fatwood is to shave off the outer edges of the stump and find the pitchy fat wood in the core and roots of the stump. Our fatwood fire starter sticks are 100% Canadian pine!

How to use fat wood fire starter sticks?

Use fatwood to light a fire. Shaving off the fatwood for starting a fire is called fluffing. Fluffed fatwood and the fatwood shavings are very fine, fine enough to catch a spark from a ferro rod and light a fire.

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Made In Canada

TracksAndTrails.ca Fire Strikers and Fatwood tinder are Made In Canada

How To Light A Fire Without Matches

Step 1.

Fluff the fatwood by scraping the stick with the edge of your striker. If a hunting knife is available, use the BACK of the blade to fluff.

Step 2.

Practice getting a spark to land on the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your ferro rod and the edge of your striker.

Step 3.

Direct the sparks to the top of the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your QUICK-FIRE and the edge of the Striker. (Or use the back of a blade)