Sad update to Esperon Lake. won’t be publishing any information about any backcountry cabins that I find in my travels.

This is a note from a local Recreation Officer; Hi Clayton and thanks considering dropping or changing Esperon Lake info – Last year 2 people in 2 trucks got the info from your web site and decided it was a 2 wheel drive road right to the cabin and after a couple of days being stuck they brought in a machine to pull them out and knocked the life out of the road prompting me to install  a gate – later this summer. These guys should have known better but they didn’t. The cabin has be vandalised and we have experience theft so will be installing a heavy locked door then make the cabin use by reservation only. The Lake is a community watershed reservoir and we do not want to promote camping at the main parking lot (also the head gate location) as there is no outhouse nor do we regularly maintain the area.  I can see eventually we will be in a position to welcome guests Clayton but not now so please consider changing or dropping – thanks


Esperon Lake is East of Big Horn Reservoir near Fintry and easily accessed via Bear Main FSR and then by taking Esperon Forest Service Road just past Big Horn Reservoir where you take a small unmarked (unmarked as of June 2012) forest service road east for approx 5km where it deadends at Esperon Lake.