Alberta Campground Directory

Free Camping in Alberta

With todays constantly raising camping fees many people ask - “where can I camp for free”? The good news is that, for those who are willing to do without some of the luxuries present at paid campgrounds such as, running water or flush toilets, there are many free...

Maligne Lake and Spirit Island in the Alberta Rocky Mountains

Maligne Lake has been said to be one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. Some call it Paradise and others, Heaven. Spirit Island on Maligne Lake is probably one of the most photographed islands in the world. The view takes your breath away and leaves you speechless....

Camping and Hiking with Dogs in BC and Alberta

A Tracks And Trails visitor, or ***warning: this is a pun*** maybe this will be a Tracks and Tails visitor, had a great question today; "I am trying to search for hikes I can do this summber BC or Alberta where I can go for a few days camping and hiking but where I...

Made In Canada Fire Strikers and Fatwood tinder are Made In Canada

How To Light A Fire Without Matches

Step 1.

Fluff the fatwood by scraping the stick with the edge of your striker. If a hunting knife is available, use the BACK of the blade to fluff.

Step 2.

Practice getting a spark to land on the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your ferro rod and the edge of your striker.

Step 3.

Direct the sparks to the top of the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your QUICK-FIRE and the edge of the Striker. (Or use the back of a blade)