I have wanted to find Mission Creek Falls for awhile. I decided to drive up Highway 33 and turn right at the top of the hill and head down into the BMID – Black Mountain Irrigation District – water treatment area. There were lots of private property signs for the few houses close by so I just stayed on the road and went slow in trying not to upset anyone. I passed a couple of gates that were open and finally found myself right in the water treatment area at the farthest point I could go with a gate across the dirt road that led to the area where I believe the Mission Creek Falls to be.

Since I also passed a few signs that said “Authorized Personnel Only” I asked Caleb, my son, if I could have his authorization to park, he sort of said ok, so I parked. I did leave a sign on my window that said “Exploring Mission Creek Falls area, back shortly”

After skirting the gate and walking 1.1 km we dropped down to Mission Creek with the aid of a nice tow rope that someone had strung along the steep path, we found ourselves surrounded by steep tall cliffs, roaring water and boulders.  I am sure are the falls just downstream from where we were but try as we might – see pictures below, we could not make it safely past the narrow gorge we were in. Now on our way down, the road did fork and we took the lower road so on another trip I think I’ll try the upper path as it climbs higher up above the creek to where one would have a great view of surrounding area.

Back at the truck, I found that another note was added to mine. It read, “CLOSE RED GATE WHEN YOU LEAVE!” BMID and I would just like to say thank you very much Mr. BMID for not locking the red gate on us as we were not really authorised to be there!

So if you are thinking about dropping by BMID, stop before the red gate and walk the rest of the way. The red gate is very visible – it is not the orange one at the highway, it is about 100 meters from the actual reservoir. Check out these Mission Creek Pictures!