Backcountry Emergency Hut TEST!

Written By Clayton Kessler

On September 15, 2023

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Okay, we’re out here in the Okanagan on the back side of Big White Mountain and come across an emergency Hut. Sometimes people get lost around Big White so we thought, “let’s do a mock scenario and pretend we are lost, cold, and let’s see what happens. Here is Daryl. So here we are and we’re going to go in and see if they’re prepared for fire lighting. Is there enough material in there to help someone survive. As I was walking up to the door here, I noticed, before I stepped on the porch, some other types of visitors were here too. I’m guessing these pokey little hairs show that we have had a porcupine visit here.

Yeah, here I’m going to zoom in right. Oh! That’s why you don’t want to get poked by a porcupine. Hmmm, so if you get cut you can do some stitching with those. Just use a porcupine needle. All right, let’s go start a fire and get warmed up!

So the first thing we’ve got to do when we are freezing cold, we must find the stove and some matches or something to light a fire. Candles? It’s nice of them to leave the lighter nice and handy so that we could actually see it as we enter. We have paper there, okay, and it’s in a plastic bag I presume so that uh they hope it doesn’t get wet.
Is there anything living in the stove there like rats or anything?

So let’s take a look here and I’ll pause the video while we get set up for the fire, or do you want to just get set up now and see if we can light that baby [Music]

Yeah we don’t want to use all the fire lighting material.

You have all of our fire wood and everything!

We’re just going to see if we can get a flame going first though.


Another dead BiC lighter! No way, why would they leave a dead BIC lighter? It’s gotta work I’m freezing cold man! Make it work!

Well, good thing Big Buck is on the scene! Oh Big Buck carries [QUICK-FIRE] ferrocerium rod striker!

I never leave home without a stick or two of fatwood in my pocket!

So, you’re telling me that QUICK-FIRE is
going to light those sticks on fire [Laughter]

Yeah, we take our striker and our fatwood and we’re just gonna fluff a little bit. Just like in the other video’s.

Nice quick and easy.

Make a little pile, I’ll put that right here on top of that paper. No way!

I’m gonna take our ferrocene rod and QUICK-FIRE striker.

you can smell the Fir or Pine. Holy!

There we go.

Paper burning yet? HaHa, the paper’s not even lit yet. It is starting tp go now. Fatwood is ruling the day! And you could also split that fat wood up into smaller sticks to  help

get a little longer burn if that flame isn’t going to burn
long enough. Like yeah you have firewood here but if you wanted to? Oh, when when you buy the the QUICK-FIRE ferro rod and kit

we’re considering Two Fire Sticks with it,
one for fluffing and one for feathering nice  starting material

so that way you’re not losing out on your fluff stick. That one will last for hundreds of fires.

Your Fatwood feathering stick there will get you there, your fire will be going, guaranteed, your fire will be going in extreme conditions. Thanks Daryl!


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Made In Canada Fire Strikers and Fatwood tinder are Made In Canada

How To Light A Fire Without Matches

Step 1.

Fluff the fatwood by scraping the stick with the edge of your striker. If a hunting knife is available, use the BACK of the blade to fluff.

Step 2.

Practice getting a spark to land on the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your ferro rod and the edge of your striker.

Step 3.

Direct the sparks to the top of the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your QUICK-FIRE and the edge of the Striker. (Or use the back of a blade)