My friends Norm Sawyer and Jami Rogers co-authored ‘Thoughts From a Friend‘. A book with a lot of wisdom and great poetry. When I saw the poem Fire, it made me think of all the campfires that I have enjoyed with friends, I had to share it . The book can be purchased at Norm Sawyers website and they both gave me permission to share it here:

a campfire


Captured by flames, my eyes entranced, crickets serenade for one last dance. Good night, warm summer evening, good night.
Stars twinkle out their cosmic names, some I will remember,
glowing above the swaying pines, the moon is but a sliver.
The caress of pine enchantment carries my mind to reminisce,
smoke swirling through my hair,
Knees hugged tight into my chest. Dancing sparks, I feel your friendship. Passion as the torch of blue,
twirling flames of love as one,
Your abiding fire – truth.
Ashen heaps of desolation,
disregard and lamentations-
once brightly blazed, now lost in mournful endings.

The fleeting promise of fitful embers- smoldering, coaxing, glaring red, their final farewell – luminous and tender, breathing life back into the dead. Steady my heart, while memories creep like smoke that spirals thick and deep. And wistful yearnings grow to be
the hopeful flame that sighs in me. Goodbye sweet summer nights, goodbye.

by  Jami Rogers