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World Class Biking Trails in Kelowna and Black Canyon trail update.

Thanks to a world class mountain biking expert – Johnny Smoke, we now have another update to the Black Canyon Trail in Glenrosa. But even more cool is Johnny’s biking video. As I have hiked around Kelowna, I have come accross many bike ramps, I think Johnny has taken them all by the looks of this video.  Check it out at his website and hire his company to take a mountain biking tour.

(no I wasn’t paid to say that but I do want to encourage him to come back to Tracks And Trails and leave more posts and hopefully more video)

Wood Fuel Campstove Converts Heat to USB power!

The technology to use wood heat for power has been understood and utilized for decades. Finally an innovative company has harnessed this technology to create a campstove for backpackers and a larger size stove for home use (specially in third world countries) They call it BioLite. Biolite Photo Gallery

The BioLite CampStove was named a finalist in the 2012 Innovation By Design Awards. The awards honor the year’s most inspiring, ingenious and innovative design solutions. Fast Company editors and judges from across all spectrums of business and design selected 56 finalists from more than 1,700 entries submitted by over 1,000 different companies. Winners will be announced at a gala event in New York City on October 16, 2012.

So, the real news is…BioLite Giveaway – Enter Now!

September is National Preparedness Month and we’ve chosen some of our favorite items for a unique Preparedness Pack – a perfect addition to any emergency kit. Enter to win a Osprey Bag full of goods from Mophie, Alite, Life Factory, Goal Zero, and of course, BioLite.  3 lucky winners will be announced on October 11th.

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Winter Camping Equipment List

Winter Camping Equpment List


  • snow boots plus a backup if needed
  • wool socks X 3
  • polypropyline socks X 2 or extra wool ones
  • long underwear (polyproopylene preferred)
  • fleece or wool pants (no blue jeans)
  • wind / water /snow proof pants
  • underwear as needed
  • light shirt
  • wool or fleece seqtshirt
  • toque (wool or fleece)
  • wool or fleece sweater
  • winter jacket
  • gaiters (recommended)
  • gloves or mitts 2 pair good quality


  • tent with fly (as a backup for the shelter you will build)
  • rope (something you can cut if needed) plus rope or string to be used with various items
  • shovel (aluminum is best)
  • cold rated sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad (a must)
  • liner for sleeping bag if not cold rated bag (fleece or wool blanket)
  • knife, fork and spoon
  • cooking utensils, stove and fuel
  • water
  • flashlight with good batteries
  • candles and lighter
  • bak

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Why Food Storage? Top reasons for Food Storage below

Let’s face it. The thought of food storage is a bit daunting right? We know, we get it. With that being said, the reason it’s constantly discussed and we’re pushed to get it done is because of how truly important it is. More importantly the uncertainties we face are out of our control, yet we have complete control on how we prepare for it.

At Wise Foods, we’ve explored, experienced and truly innovated food storage. The purpose of food storage is to be ready for any situation. Beyond a simple 72 hour kit, we’ve complied thetop reasons to have food storage.

Natural Disasters

Unfortunately for some, you’re put into a situation because of a particular crisis. This could be anything from an earthquake, flood, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes — the list is never ending it feels like. It’s common for most of us to think, “that will never to happen to me”, but believe me it does. Luckily though, if you’ve prepared for such a tragic event you’ll be ready to face it.

Food Preparation

As you work to prepare your food storage plan, you’ll find that it teaches you about the fundamentals of food preparation. As you buy foods for your food storage you’ll notice certain foods have different shelf life, have certain types of preparation, etc. This makes you consider all types of things as you compile your food storage.

Emergency Prepardness

I can think of a handful of things we pay for on a monthly basis that are as important as food storage. We know they’ll pay off for us. We should all think about Food Storage the same way. Food storage is no different and will no doubt pay dividends when you and your family enter into a time of need or desperation.


With the current economic crisis going up and down, a lot have been left without jobs. As a way to relieve some stress, food storage can bring happiness to you knowing your family can have food on the table.

Peace of Mind

With all of these points about proper food storage the key is to have peace of mind for you and your loved one. For us at Wise Foods, we take an innovative approach in providing ready-made food storage meals. We make your emergency food supply dependable, simple, and most importantly — affordable.

Whispering Spruce Campground near Golden BC

Whispering Spruce Campground near Golden BC is the place to make  your escape to spectacular beauty. With rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep grazing along the embankments as you near Golden and even in the grassy meadows of the campground, this is the camping location to begin an outdoor adventure.
Outdoor adventure near Whispering Spruce Campground

Outdoor adventure near Whispering Spruce Campground

Campground Amenities:

Laundry Facilities
Convenient Store
Internet Service
Sites with: Elctric, Water and Eletric, and Water, Electric & Sewer

Different types of charges at Whispering Spruce Campground.

Tent Site: $25.00
Tent Site (w/ 15 amp electric): $30.00
*Max 4 people
*Extra person $3.00

Different types of Campsites Available.

Campsites are all filled with trees and along side South Kicking Horse River.


1430 Golden View Road

Phone Number


Westside Regional District - Black Canyon - Follow up

This hiking post is a follow up to the previous post.  A Tracks And Trails visitor and I have been trying to determine the location of the Black Canyon Trail Head in the closed Black Canyon Regional Park on the Westside.

The first picture is where we parked on Tuesday.

These are the directions.


Frontage on Both Sides of Sandberg Drive


From Westbank Town Ctr., north on Elliot Rd., right on Shetler Dr., left on Sandberg Drive.

The problem is that at Sandberg Road at the mailboxes you walk up the hill, then enter an open pit, with a paved road in front of you (which I think might be the Old Okangan highway). The Smith Creek Retreat and Camp is also located just up the hill from the mailboxes and down the road about 50 feet.

That is where the Smith Creek MBT starts, but there are no signs showing hte Black Canyon trail, and it is not clear where the trail starts.

I didn’t realize it was closed. Maybe that is why I could not find the trail for Black Canyon.

That is strange, as the sign at the Constable Memorial (Glen Canyon Park) shows the trail as being an active trail.

Well, thanks for trying.  Maybe a website visitor will be familiar with it and post new info. here.

Those instructions though will not take people to the trailhead as far as I could tell. As you walk straight up the hill and hit the road and then there are tons of trails that spread out (MBT) I believe.

Unless from the mailboxes, I missed it and the trailhead was before the paved road. ??…

Please post any info. you may have by using the comment link below.


Wells Gray Golf Resort & RV Park In Clearwater BC

Wells Gray Golf Resort & RV Park

Camp along the hemp creek. Hiking trails
take you to explore, swimming lake, hot showers and much more

Wells Gray Golf Resort & RV Park located in central British Columbia approximately 50minutes by car from the town of Clearwater. Clearwater is the gateway to the world reknown Wells Gray Provincial Park and while you enjoy the area, Wells Gray Golf Resort & RV Park in Clearwater is the place to be!

Regardless of how you camp, this resort has it all, bring a tent, RV, or nothing and there will be a campsite, RV site or cabin just for you! at the website you can view a panoramic interactive 360 video. Check it out! Oh, and aside from world class kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, fishing and camping, yes there is Golf!

WebShoe - Snowshoes built in Canada for durability, usability and fun!

Hubert, a Canadian outdoorsman, has trapped, hunted, prospected and logged for a living in Northern New Brunswick. He has spent years working through every season in the bush. In winter, snowshoes became expensive because he used them for more than eight hours per day. As any true outdoorsman, Hubert began to fix the problem of snowshoes that wore out too often by creating his own.

Why do I like the webshoe? I am a huge fan of the webshoe because of the bindings. When I am enjoying a winter camp, getting in and out of your snowshoes can be annoying depending on the type of bindings you use. Hubert’s bindings are unique and offer a slip on snowshoe that stays on in any terrain. A snowshoe binding without any latches, ratchets, frozen belts etc is an amazing treat to this snowshoer!

Jesse really liked the walk of the Webshoe. After his recent snowshoe trip to a remote British Columbia hotsprings, quinzee building trips and other outdoor winter fun, Jesse knows what he is talking about when he says that the walk of this snowshoe makes for an effortless and comfortable trip. The snowshoe comes in various sizes and colors and can be custom ordered via the comment section below.

Snowshoe Reviews. First the new unique WebShoe by Hubert.

Snowshoer tries on a pair of WebShoes

Here is a video of a popular snowshoe binding that is could be more difficult for a new snowshoer to get used to.

A Ratchet style of bindings is reviewed in this video. These are actually the snowshoes that my wife bought for me when I asked Santa for a pair a few years ago so I could be prepared for Search And Rescue operations in the winter.

Wápupxn (Lynx) Transboundary Monitoring Trial - Derickson Trapline - West Kettle River, BC

The Okanagan Nation Alliance wildlife program is pleased to say that we’ve concluded our lynx live-trapping and collaring effort for the 2015-16 winter. Our target was to capture and collar three lynx as an operational trial toward a better understanding of lynx movements through the Kettle River landscape and genetic relationships to lynx in Washington State.

Three lynx, all males, were successfully captured, GPS collared, ear-tagged and released; all on the Derickson Family Trapline in the West Kettle River drainage, Syilx Territory. Trapping, handling and release went smoothly in each case. The ONA wildlife Lynx being tagged team will now move into monitoring each cat at least monthly by VHF radio with the intention of recovering data stored onboard the drop-off GPS collars later this year or as soon as practical in 2017. Each cat is permanently ear-tagged with small matching blue swing tags marked with a unique number and the letters “WDFW”. If sighted or reported, please convey the information to me!

Photos L-R: Trappers Ray & Graeme Derickson with Amber; Trapper Russell Baines with Russell; Amber in the live trap; ONA biologist Al Peatt with Thumper.

The capture and trapping team consisted of:
ONA wildlife staff: Al Peatt, RPBio (project lead & primary handler) and biologists Autumn Solomon and Alexis Friesen.
Trappers Ray Derickson (Westbank FN); Russell Baines (Westbank FN); Graeme Derickson (Westbank FN); and TJ Gooliaff (UBCO MSc student).

image007 image001

To make this project possible, many other people and agencies assisted in project planning, support and implementation by provision of funds, supplies and/or expertise. These include: Dan Thornton (Washington State University); Jen Watkins and Joe Scott (Conservation Northwest); Scott Fisher and Paul Jensen (DNR); BC Min. of FLNRO; BC Min. of Environment; Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife; Ross Everatt; Dr. Barrie Hume; and Dr. Allan Gill.
Thank you all!

Live trapping with daily trap checks commenced February 27 on the Derickson Family Trapline in the upper West Kettle River drainage; a total of eight live-traps were deployed during several trapping sessions.

February 28: “Russell” a 12kg male lynx captured, successfully collared and released. Russell became somewhat trap-happy, has remained in the area. He was caught and released three times in total.
March 24: all traps disabled for the holiday and crew break.
April 7: four traps re-opened.
April 17: “Thumper” a ~13kg male lynx captured, successfully collared and released.
April 19: “Amber” a 9.6kg male lynx captured, successfully collared and released; all traps closed and live-trapping discontinued for the season.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me!
Best regards, Alan

Alan Peatt, RPBio
Senior Wildlife Biologist
Okanagan Nation Alliance
(250) 707-0095 x213

Two John Lake Free Camping - North East of Big White off the 201 FSR.

East of Kelowna on Highway 33, Big White Road will take you to Big White Ski Resort but for real outdoor recreation you need to head North East on the 201 Forest Service Road just a few km up the Big White Road. Graystokes protected area and official snowmobile trails can be accessed from the 201 the area is also known as the West Kettle. The West Kettle encompasses many streams and two lakes, Derickson Lake and Two Johns Lake. My friend Ray Derickson is the registered owner of the age old trapline that is on the West Kettle and this track is one of several that document some of the country on the trapline. You can follow the track and find numerous crown land camping locations for some free camping. For an awesome camping experience plan for a backcountry stay and be prepared to fend of grizzlies, elk, moose, cougar and squirrels.
The track above ends just before we got to Two Johns Lake because I lost a satellite connection for my BlackBerry. Interesting to note that when I was at the lake and took the picture of the cabin, the latitude and longitude were noted and uploaded though! That is cool as the location of the cabin picture on the track is exactly where it is. The cabin wouldn´t give much shelter but in a pinch, one could use the supplies there to “hole up” if he/she was hurt or lost.When we hiked to Two Johns lake, we stayed on the high side as the lower section had a lot of water. Typical though, we went a little too high and had to double back through brush. Nice hike none the less. Coming back, you can see in satellite view that we took the cut block back – found the beginning of the block and stayed to the bottom of it until we were back at the parking lot.

Wow - the matches still work!

Two John Lake

The side road we took was Derickson Logging Road. As I look on the map, I see that if we parked and stayed to the high ground, with a gps waypoint of Derickson Lake, we could have a little hike right to Derickson Lake.

Also, on the drive to Two Johns, there was a road that went to the south east – I am thinking that road will take us near Big White, we will try to explore that area next time. A look on this map in satellite view will help determine the way for the next exploration trip to Big White and Derickson Lake.

View Two John Lake on the West Kettle in a larger map

Trip Plan

Trip Plan

Whether taking a short hike for just a few hours or a longer camping trip for multiple days, always tell someone where you are going and what optional areas you may be exploring.

The following is my trip plan for a three day and two night backpacking, canoeing and hiking trip. I was just going to write an email and send it to my wife but even if one person reads this or is reminded to write something down and tell someone where they will be in the outdoors, it may save a tragedy from happening.

Hello Suzanne, …I miss you already! I will be leaving Friday afternoon, driving to Vernon then East to the Arrow Lakes on Highway 6. I will have a little short visit with my folks in Cherryville. After the ferry across Arrow Lakes I will stop at my brother’s place in Hills, just south of Nakusp.

If I don’t stay at my brothers place Friday night I will camp in the woods somewhere around Upper and Lower Little Slocan Lakes. On Saturday morning we will find the parking lot for Gimli Ridge Hike in the Valhalla Provincial Park. After parking there we will hike up to the ridge and come back down. I do not intend to try to summit Gimil …just enjoy the hike to the ridge.

On Saturday night our camp location will depend on what we discovered after our hike if we had time to explore at all….we may camp at the same spot as Friday night .

The itinerary for Sunday really depends on how long it takes us to get going Saturday morning and how fast the boys hike. Gimli Ridge Video My goal for Sunday is to visit Alamo and / or Cody tjen drive home.

I will contact you when I get to my brothers or when I get to Nakusp. That should be no later than 5pm Sunday July 28 Love you 🙂 talk to you soon!

Trepanier Canyon and Lacoma Lake Trail near Peachland BC.

Get Trepanier Greenway Regional Park info.

Get Trepanier Provincial Park info. (same area)

Yesterday I went up to Trepanier Road to look for the Lacoma Lake Trail that runs along the Lacoma Creek at the bottom of Trepanier Canyon. I have a few hiking pics of the area and while they are not published yet I need to let you know that as of July 27th, if you want to drive to the Lacoma Trail Head you will need to bring a power saw with you. About 2 km before the Trail Head a tree about 2 feet in diameter is blown down across the trail.

I was driving with my wife in our new car so I had to park on Trepanier Creek Forest Service Road at a nice pullout before that. The FSR pullout would be very suitable for some free camping – but situated a long ways before the Lacoma Trail Head.

After we hiked the 4.4 km to the Trail Head we only had time to hike another 1.6 km along the actual Lacoma Lake Trail. The one thing that I was surprised at is the fact that there really was no sign of a canyon. The topo maps show some very steep terrain though so I will have to go back with a power saw some time to make sure I can drive to the trail head, and hike all the way to Lacoma Lake at the head of the canyon. I have the the GPS coordinates for the trail head so if you want them just send a quick email or wait a bit and I’ll have them posted at my Canadian Hiking Adventures Website.