Bruce Trail Expedition 2009 – Week 1

Bruce Trail in Ontario, Canada runs along the Niagara Escarpment for over 800 km between Niagara Falls and Tobermory.  See Bruce Trail topo map. It has never been thru-hiked in Barefoot.  Not until the summer of 2009 that is.  View Bruce Trail Pictures.

During the first 7 days on the trail, bare foot adventurerWolf Starchild aka: Wolfmaan, has completed over 100km of the trail which included the 80km Niagara Club section.

Bruce Trail is an 850km long footpath from Queenston, Ontario to Tobermory, Ontario. During the first 7 days on the trail, Wolfmaan has completed over 100km of the trail which included the 80km Niagara Club section. The weather was cool with no rain. He had friends and his wife join him for “short” 20km day hikes on the trail.


When asked what the biggest complaint was about the trail, Wolfmaan promptly said “there needs to be more overnight rest areas [or campsites] available for through hikers of the trail. When asked about going barefoot over the entire 100km he stated the most difficult sections were the loose gravel paths. Wolfmaan stated “They aren’t that painful, but really slowed me down to a crawl” See for more details The Wolfman.

There are 9 individual clubs that care for the Bruce Trail;
Wofmaan is awaiting recognition for hiking the Niagara trail section barefoot from the Niagara Bruce Trail Club.

Niagara Bruce Trail Club
Queenston to Grimsby

Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club
Grimsby to Kelso

Toronto Bruce Trail Club
Kelso to Cheltenham
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Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club
Cheltenham to Mono Centre
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Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club
Mono Centre to Lavender

Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club
Lavender to Craigleith

Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club
Craigleith to Blantyre

Sydenham Bruce Trail Club
Blantyre to Wiarton

Peninsula Bruce Trail Club
Wiarton to Tobermory