Shelter Building is always one of the topics on my mind as I go out backpacking.  My shelter building goal lately has been to make a shelter where I could have the fire inside the shelter.  In addition to adding fire to the shelter I have learned that the warmest bed is the raised bed.

I tested a teepee design so I could have a fire in it with the smoke going out the top but it takes a lot of work and materials to set up a teepee that would be large enough.  If you use a large tarp on a teepee design, you have to adjust the tarp so it lays correctly well.  

I would make a few changes to the shelter shown in the video below but the way it is presented here is great.  I can’t think of a better way to build a raised bed that would have heat.  If bad weather was expected one could put a tarp up pretty easily or even a thatched roof could be added with a little more work.  In the winter, one could use this design and build snow up around the edges to keep the wind out.