An Orchard City Ameteur Radio Club member sent me this real life scenario that shows how helpful a radio can be when it comes to survival in the backcountry.

I recall one time,, when in trouble in the backwoods, he had another ham that he contacted on the Silver Star repeater, phone me, and ask me to monitor 146,82 until their problem was resolved, and keep his parents advised as to progress by ¬†phone. One of those times, I actually went to where he was, stuck in a mud hole in his “new” 4×4, sunk up to his headlights, and took a chain with me and pulled him out! Funny thing was, when I got there, he was sitting on the seat with one foot on the dashboard, as he had recently broken his ankle, and since there was water on the floor of his truck, he didn’t want to get his cast wet! I still tease him about that!