Grizzly lake is a fairly large lake accessible to 2wd vehicles and roughly only an hour from Kelowna. Grizzly lake has multiple sites along the side of the lake, all can be driven right up to. This is a convenient lake to launch small fishing boats into.




To access Grizzly Lake From Kelowna follow Phillpot Rd from Hwy33 past Ideal Lake. Eventually you will reach a fork where one option is Aberdeen Rd and the other option is Grizzly Lake FSR. follow Aberdeen Rd a short distance to the lake. Grizzly Lake Rd takes you on a scenic tour of the logged countryside and eventually brings you to Aberdeen lake.

Grizzly lake Island – don’t forget the Kayak!

Camp for free at this large lake - Grizzly Lake.

Who could ask for more? Blue skies and free camping!

Best Picture of the trip! ...don't you think?

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