The first time I was at Little Dipper Campground was in 2002. It was a nice little campground situated on the banks of the winding Kettle
River. It is still a nice campground with the same beautiful sandy beaches and spacious campsites but now the owners have crafted an
incredible log home / office and created a fantastic community lawn and fire pit area ringed with a classic rock wall.

Hand Crafted Greeting sign for Little Dipper Hideaway

Other changes since I was there include the name of the KVR section that the hideaway is situated on. Rhone Road, just off Highway 33, 10 km North of Westbridge is actually the old KVR railroad bed and Trans Canada Trail and now known as the “2010 Spirit Trail”.

For a little over $600 per year you can lease one of the campsites at Little Dipper Hideaway.

Campsite available for lease on the Kettle River.

In fact, over 90 percent of the campsites have a reserved sign on them, indicating that the site is a leased site.
Drop in camping is still available but you would have to use the less spacious and more open overflow camping campsites. It was also brought to my attention that there are cabins available and a B&B.

Last but not least FISHING!!!

Wow, the video here shows a couple of budding fly fishermen and when I checked in after my 1.8 km walk around the campground I heard that Jesse had caught 3 fish and as I waited there a few minutes he pulled out another. My other son Caleb caught four (some were larger) but my youngest Zachary son was skunked. As you can see in the picture, the little trout was way to big for lunch so he was
released. Apparently the fishing synopsis states that all the fish in this section of the KVR must be released.

To find more about the Little Dipper Hideaway contact
George and Frauke Delisle
Westbridge, BC, Canada
V0H 2B0