Loon Lake is one of the many lakes on the Aberdeen Plateau. Access to the lakes is from Philpot Road off of Highway 33 or Beaver Lake Road from Winfield. If accessing from Beaver Dee Lake road, follow the road past both Beaver and Dee lake resorts until you are on Aberdeen Rd, just past Dee lake, with in a few km you will find a road marked “fly fish 2 access.” This site is on a small fishing lake. Access may be rough. The site has a rustic cartop boat launch. There is only one campsite at this lake.

Here are the links to other Loon Lake rec sites in BC.



Here are a few pictures of Loon Lake in British Columbia near Kelowna.

Great to find Loon Lake nicely marked for some fishing and camping.

Loon Lake is ready for you and your belly boat.