Camping in the amazing Maasai Mara is a splendid way to enjoy the great Kenyan wildlife and seeing the animals in their natural habitat could be considered a rare opportunity.

There are many different numerous camping sites and lodges and accommodation is very affordable.

The charges to enter the Mara are also very affordable at $30 for adults and $10 for children charges being per day.

A popular and lovely campsite is the New Crocodile Camp Site in the Mara and the closest the Part entrance.

This camp site offers both banda (small self-contained room) and camping.The bandas have hot showers and toilets available.Also you can pay extra for a night guard to keep vigil at night at $3 a night.

Camping fees are $2 per person per day and $3 for firewood.Roast meat is the climax of the night bonfire session at night and specially prepared and marinated goat or beef is roasted in open fire by the maasai who work in the park.

Campers can roast meat on their own or have the maasai workers at the park work their magic, at a small tip usually at the discretion of the campers.

Nothing beats  devouring roast game meat round a fire in the open bush.

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