Camping in Lake Jipe is an awesome experience for anyone visiting the Tsavo.Thanks to the super-highway from Nairobi to Mombasa, getting there is not such a headache.

The lake is just 5 minutes away from the main entrance to the Tsavo.There are several camping packages available, you could pack your bags and head there using your own means or a hired suv vehicle.

If youre using car hire as your means of transport, there are guides who can take you round the game drives, alternatively tour companies also provide their own vans to take visitors to these games drives.

There are many camping options ranging from tented camps to bandas to several lodges and country clubs around the lake.

For campers, tents are pitched close to each other not only to provide safety but also as a ways of encouraging campers to be close to each other for bonfires and sharing meals together.

Camping charges include tents,mattresses, extra services are hiring help to pitch tents.

Bandas accommodate a maximum of 5 people, have a kitchen and utensils,hot water,bathroom and lounge area outside.

Most lodges and clubs require smart-cards for entry and also accept all major credit cards,cash is also acceptable.

Packaged camping tours will include all charges from gate charges to camping fees, however game drives are charged separate from the camping package but paid for in advance before the game drives.

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