The Mara is a world-renowned location famous because of the spectacular migration of thousands of wildebeests from Kenya’s Mara reserve into Tanzania’s Serengeti reserve. This migration takes place every year and attracts worldwide attention and is one of the most amazing sites you will ever witness. The Mara lies in the Rift Valley and supports a massive range or wild animals from wildebeests to elephants.The park host many activities from bird watching to game viewing birds of prey are very common in these park too, its actually home to most animals that create a complete food chain where you have king of the jungle the lion,down to smaller animals like gazelles.

The park covers 1,510 km square, several lodges are located outside the park so accommodation is not a problem,the famous Masai people inhabit this area, actually it is land owned by the Masai,and therefore considered a reserve managed by the the Kenya Wildlife Service but only serving the role of taking care of the animals, the reserve remains pretty much natural under the sole custody of the Masai.

The Mara receives hot and dry weather conditions but sometimes heavy rainfall is to be expected, the rainy season is usually April and May occurring again in mid November, these are low seasons because the area gets inaccessible due to black sticky cotton soil. July to October is the high season because it is dry and that’s when the migration takes place, the animals migrate into the more fertile and greener pastures in Tanzania during this time. Driving and animal viewing is only during the day for security reasons,because there are no clear borders or fences,therefore night driving is discouraged. Masai villages are located outside the park and the Masai have developed a synergetic relationship with the animals.

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