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Grizzly Lake

Grizzly Lake

Grizzly lake is a fairly large lake accessible to 2wd vehicles and roughly only an hour from Kelowna. Grizzly lake has multiple sites along the side of the lake, all can be driven right up to. This is a convenient lake to launch small fishing boats into.




To access Grizzly Lake From Kelowna follow Phillpot Rd from Hwy33 past Ideal Lake. Eventually you will reach a fork where one option is Aberdeen Rd and the other option is Grizzly Lake FSR. follow Aberdeen Rd a short distance to the lake. Grizzly Lake Rd takes you on a scenic tour of the logged countryside and eventually brings you to Aberdeen lake.

Grizzly lake Island – don’t forget the Kayak!

Camp for free at this large lake - Grizzly Lake.

Who could ask for more? Blue skies and free camping!

Best Picture of the trip! ...don't you think?

View Grizzly Lake on Aberdeen Plateau in a larger map

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  1. Ahhhh, a scenic tour of the logged country side. You are too funny! …kind of sad to; however – without the logging we wouldn’t have all the roads and all the Free campsites.

  2. Interesting to note that the Grizzly Lakes listed in British Columbia with free recreation site camping do not include the Grizzly Lake noted above.
    If you are looking for one of the three Grizzly Lakes in Central British Columbia, try these links:



  3. Hey Jesse, I just got back from Grizzly Lake. We drove out to it just as your directions explained. We canoed the lake and took a few shots so I figured I would upload them to your post above. There are a lot of stumps in the lake! I like the one stump that I you can see above – I just wonder how it got in that position. weird. There is a picture of a raft there, I figure that maybe someone could attach a few barrels underneath and have a pretty cool barge for fishing from. It is on the shore at the east end of the big dam.

    I guess there is no official forest service site at the lake but we found some very nice spots to camp in. We did not drive the west side of the lake today but as we canoed around I noticed a couple of campers that had a nice camp set up. The lake was not nearly as busy as Specs Lake Forest Service Site just accross from Grizzly Lake. I took a picture of a fisherman on Specs lake – he was showing me a few nice pan fryers! check it out

  4. My wife and I are blessed with living in one of the last houses on the pavement part of philpott Rd,as 6.5 kms off hwy 33 it changes to gravel.ideal lake turn off (also known as( below dam atea) is around the 20km mark of Philpot fsr.you continue straight to ideal or turn right on Aberdeen and head to Grizzly lake.my wife and I are up that way with the dogs daily.fishing nightly.a gorgeous area lots of fish and great people to meet with similar interests.if you like old western style stuff make a point of stopping in at 5.5 km mark of philpott Rd to “Darley springs” campsite…very reasonable pricing for cabins or campsites,and all set up like an old western town! It’s actually owned by monti and gloria philpot.great ppl,and just another great place in and around this area!

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