Marshmallows have been an all time favorite camping food for as long as anyone reading this post can remember!  And this tasty dessert has not only been for our camping delight but it actually can be traced back to ancient Egypt! Wow! Feel free to read more on that in Google. Now for Smore fun!

S’mores or Smores make great camping desserts.

So here is the S’mores recipe.

  • Prepare a Graham Cracker with chocolate.  Usually with two squares of Hershey’s Chocoalte bar.

    Graham Cracker and Chocolate Smore Recipe

  • Place a marshallow on a marshmallow stick and roast to your liking.  Toasted or Charcoaled. The minimum requirement here is that the marshmallow will be hot enough to melt the chocolate.

Smores recipes require a marshmallow hot enough to melt the chocolate!

  • Remove the roasted marshmallow from the fire.  If it is flaming, do not shake the stick as the marshmallow may fly off the stick and land in your eye.  Just blow the flames out.

Leave the marshmallow on the stick and lay it carefully on the chocolate that is on the Graham cracker.

Lightly Roasted Marshmallow for a Smore's Recipe

  • Place the second Graham Cracker on top, Squeeze and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Squeeze two Graham Crackers together to finish the Smore.

Squeeze two Graham Crackers together to finish the Smore.

Enjoy the the best camping dessert - S'mores

Smores make Happy Campers!

Smore Happy Campers!!!!!!

Smore happy campers.

Smores make very happy campers!

Smore very very happy campers!

S'more campers ready for bed