Happy Canada Day everyone!! I thought I would share my hiking experience up/to the Enderby Cliffs. I went there 2 days ago. A brand new paved parking lot with lines and 2 new pit toilets have re-opened today July1/09. the Cliffs are easily visible from Hwy 97. looking east.
Directions to the cliffs. Turn at the lights in Enderby onto the Mabel lake turnoff. Drive 1.9km to Brash-Allen rd, turn left. It is about 3km to the end of the road, which is half paved and then a narrow gravel road.
The Trail… the trail sign shows you where to start. And it is a pretty steady climb all the way. This trail is not for those with a weak heart or knees. It is a total leg workout,plus cardio. But there a couple of reststops or viewpoints along the way.. The first is about 20-30 minutes up with a bench and a moderate size crucifixtion statue. Why? I don’t know..Maybe to pray the Lord you’ll make it to the top or to thank HIM for making it back down. About 10 minutes later is great lower cliff lookout. The next 30-45 minutes is again moderate to steep ascent. Some sections have rope to pull yourself up or to slow you down. These parts could become very slippery after a rain. As well the trail has very good tree cover, so it nice and shady.
then you arrive onto a plateau where the trail is easier but still climbs up. A few points are right along the cliff edge, so be careful. Again this part to the top has shady sections too. A nice breeze on my day was welcome. Finally after 1 1/2 hours , for me, I was at the very top of the cliffs..
Spectacular views of the north Okanagan valley. You can see all the way to the north end of OK Lake and the south end of Shuswap Lake by Salmon Arm. The meandering Shuswap river is very evident with the farmlands all around it.

Enderby Cliffs Provincial Park
At this time of year some subalpine flowers are blossoming, very nice mixture. I don’t know the names very well.
Recommendations: Bring lots of water, 2 litres? No other source on the way up/down.
Bring bug spray, lots of mozzies in the lower/mid treed section. (I didn’t stop except to take waypoints for my GPS). So if possible do the hike in the am, because late a’noon or evening will intensify the buggers appetite.
I used a sturdy wood walking stick, very helpful for either ascents or descents.
Wear good hiking boots/ shoes because of the steepness in some sections.
a cushion to sit on up top, the rocks are pointy near the edge.
Oh yes, bring a camera, I forgot mine, so I’ll have to go again to post some pictures..
Facts: elevations– trail head 505m, clliff plateau 1023m,cliff top 1180m, distance about 4.5-5km return.
Also after your hike go for a swim/tube float in the river. there are a couple of parks in Enderby where you can go in the water.. Hope you will enjoy this hike..grant

ps I  see there is another local Grant on this website, so it may be confusing who posts what (excepts for us Grants)

ppss Hi Clayton, yes you should do this hike, it’s very rewarding..Also it looks as though one could take an ATV on another trail and arrive up top too.. There are signs and pathways of where the oldhiking  trail used to go, but the trail is pretty well indicated.. I’m  editting here because I couldn’t figure out how to reply to your comment….