Hubert, a Canadian outdoorsman, has trapped, hunted, prospected and logged for a living in Northern New Brunswick. He has spent years working through every season in the bush. In winter, snowshoes became expensive because he used them for more than eight hours per day. As any true outdoorsman, Hubert began to fix the problem of snowshoes that wore out too often by creating his own.

Why do I like the webshoe? I am a huge fan of the webshoe because of the bindings. When I am enjoying a winter camp, getting in and out of your snowshoes can be annoying depending on the type of bindings you use. Hubert’s bindings are unique and offer a slip on snowshoe that stays on in any terrain. A snowshoe binding without any latches, ratchets, frozen belts etc is an amazing treat to this snowshoer!

Jesse really liked the walk of the Webshoe. After his recent snowshoe trip to a remote British Columbia hotsprings, quinzee building trips and other outdoor winter fun, Jesse knows what he is talking about when he says that the walk of this snowshoe makes for an effortless and comfortable trip. The snowshoe comes in various sizes and colors and can be custom ordered via the comment section below.

Snowshoe Reviews. First the new unique WebShoe by Hubert.

Snowshoer tries on a pair of WebShoes

Here is a video of a popular snowshoe binding that is could be more difficult for a new snowshoer to get used to.

A Ratchet style of bindings is reviewed in this video. These are actually the snowshoes that my wife bought for me when I asked Santa for a pair a few years ago so I could be prepared for Search And Rescue operations in the winter.