To enjoy a fantastic piece of nature you may want to check out the Telemark Trails in Winter or Summer. To get there just travel through Westbank if you are heading south from Kelowna and take the Glenrosa Road exit off highway 97 S. Stay on Glenrosa until you see the large parking lot and signage on your left.

Telemark Trails Parking Lot near Westbank BC

I wanted to complete the several km’s of the telemark trails to experience the views from the Panoramic Ridge trail. I was almost near the vista on Panoramic Ridge when I notice a large black bear crossing the trail in front of me about 30 meters up. As I gripped my Bear Spray a little tighter and removed the lock, I quietly told my wife (who just saw a black bear run away from her on the Mission Creek Trail the day before as she went on her morning walk) to turn around as there is a bear ahead. Well, she stops and takes a closer look and two cubs coming out of a den like natural structure and acts as if she wants to stay for a closer look. hmmmm. At this point I wonder if the Sow Mommy with children even knows that we are there since the she is upwind of us, so I quickly guide my wife away as we walk quickly back down toward the parking lot. We saw the Mom and cubs just above this trail sign: