Well it is the time of the summer when the black bears are out in full force.   Yahooo!  I feel very blessed whenever I get to see a bear up close …and live to tell about it.  Little did I know that my wife would be the first one to see a bear up close this summer,  specially since she doesn’t get quite as far from civilization as I do, but she did and the experience just seemed to wet her appetite for more.  As she was coming back home from her morning walk along the Mission Creek Greenway Phase 2,  she heard a rustle in the woods and looked to find a large black bear running away from the trail toward Mission Creek.  The sighting was just west of the Pinnacle Rock View Point and Gazebo.   So if you are by yourself on the trail, don’t forget to whistle while you walk and maybe invest in some bear spray to keep with you.  I will explain why the sighting just increased her interest in my next post. (I think she is crazy)