Six Pre-scheduled Mushroom Safaris Announced for October!

This year, six dates have been announced for the popular Mabel Lake area Mushroom Safaris. They are: Oct. 14, Oct 17, Oct 18, Oct 21, Oct 24 and Oct 25.

Every October, award-winning Naturalist Guide, Roseanne Van Ee, runs popular, fun and informative Mushroom Safaris out to the Mabel Lake area. Participants meander through a variety of forest, canyon and field sites during the day to experience different displays and gather mushroom ID tips, hints and knowledge.

“We’re actually on the doorstep of the Mushroom Capital of the world, the Columbia Mountains, where the greatest diversity of mushrooms are found,” exclaims Van Ee, “That’s why wild mushroom foraging is so risky; there are many look-a-likes and no rules of thumb for identifying edibles”.

Van Ee reveals the vital reasons for accurate identification even though mushroom field guides are mind-boggling to the uninitiated. She facilitates the ID process on these fun, informative and adventurous tours. Participants see an amazing array of mushrooms from spiny, white Coral Fungus to huge, bright orange Lobsters and so many others, it’s hard to believe.

So, if you thought mushrooms were weird, scary, confusing or wonderfully amazing, check out for Mushroom Safari details.

Van Ee adds, “The good news is you don’t have to eat mushrooms to enjoy them!”
So besides foragers, photographers, artists, gardeners, naturalists, hikers, mycophiles (people who like mushrooms) and anyone with a sense of curiosity will enjoy these fall full day outings.