Popular, cutting-edge game and film technology is separating our modern techno-world into mycophiles and mycophobes — fungal fanatics and devotees versus mushroom or toadstool scoffers. The Know Your Mushrooms flash film and Nintendo’s Super Mario Mushrooms have stirred the mushroom pot and rekindled differing sentiments. New age “believers” feel fungus will renew exhausted soils, suck up oil spills, cure sicknesses and disease, provide vital sustenance and create altered states of higher consciousness (hmm). Mushroom detesters can’t see past the rot and poison, even of the mind.

Anyone fence-sitting is more likely confused and/or intrigued. When it comes to mushrooms, experience isn’t safe, field guides are baffling and who do you trust?

To help demystify the fungal world, award-winning Naturalist Guide, Roseanne Van Ee, takes people into the forests of Mabel Lake each October to experience the most mind-boggling displays of wild mushrooms and to gather mushroom ID tips, hints and knowledge. And, the day is laced with true stories!

So, if you thought mushrooms were weird, scary, confusing or wonderfully amazing, check out OutdoorDiscoveries.com for Mushroom Safari details.