To find the best Trail Head for exploring Mount Boucherie, head towards
Summerland from Kelowna, turn left at Boucherie Road and follow the map as
per the hiking map below. At the end of Lakeview Cove Road you
will find parking and an information stand at Eain Lamont Park.

From practically any part of Kelowna you can see Mount Boucherie.   Kelowna is fortified with a ring of mountains that are dormant volcanoes.  In its day, Mt. Boucherie was over 2000 meters tall and in its dormant state now peaks at around 800 meters.  The pictures below (pics to be added soon)  and the subsequent hiking map show exactly how to get you to the trail head as well as trail. But the trails here can be dangerous – check the area shown on the map for an easy route and for a more direct but steeper route, try searching and exploring a more direct route once you are there. A good trail exists right above the parking lot that will lead you up to the top. That trail goes up fairly so if you find yourself on a lower trail – it just circles around the base, which is kinda nice as well.

The area is actually a regional park and is officially closed right now but the only reason it is closed is because railings etc are not in to ensure saftey.  Individuals and groups hike the mountain all the time.  No one is going to give you any trouble and there are no signs telling you to stay out so you won’t be breaking any rules.

Once parked and looking at Mount Boucherie, if you take the large trail to the left you will find your way to the summit. If you go to the right you will find a hiking trail along the foot of the mountain. The trail leading to the right begins beside a wire fence. Follow this trail and you will find yourself at the bottom of the large Mount Boucherie cliffs. If you are a rock hound you will find excellent samples of vocanic rock.

View Mount Boucherie in a larger map