Crawford Trails: Biking

What do you love as a mountain biker? Smooth, fast, flowing single tracks, big drops, steady climbs that push you to your physical limits, quick descents with heart thrilling jumps and gaps, technical tricks and turns…take a trip to Crawford to find the ride you are craving.

To Get Here – go to Myra Bellevue Parking Lot at the end of Stewart Road East in Kelowna
Google Map to Crawford Trails Trail Head

Here are a few of the many unique areas of Kelowna’s Crawford Trails.

Upper Crawford Trail and Wilderness Camp
Crawford Falls
Lost Lake
Fraggle Rock

Google Map to Crawford Trails Trail Head
Images of Crawford Trails Map that is located in the Park:
Top of map jpeg (300 kb) – shows what streets to take to reach the trail head
Bottom of map jpeg (300 kb)

Crawford Trails Signposts