A quick alert on the hiking trail condition of the High Rim Trail from Kalamalka Provincial Park to the Relay Tower and Damer Lake. We just got back from the hike. (see previous post for locations and Kalamalka hiking maps) The distance is only about 10 to 11 km (my GPS shut down for a bit) and would normally be a one day moderate hike. But here is the warning that I feel I need to post even before I get the pictures and other details uploaded to TracksAndTrails.ca ;

If you want to make it to the vista at the relay station via the High Rim Trail and after Cosens Creek, you need to be prepared to navigate dozens of blow downs. For the last one half to 1 km just before the repeater station, the blow downs become very heavy with one every couple feet with no option to bypass them due to thick brush. So please do not take young children or use inappropriate foot wear along the High Rim Trail between Cosens Creek and Damer Lake as it is treacherous. Several trees that are leaning are split and ready to fall at any time. I’ll be back with more details from the trip soon.