See Clayton’s Mt. Hayman trip info

Biking Mt. Hayman and alternate route.

I recently read a post from MTBco (Mountain Bikers of the Central Okanagan) that discussed some trail destruction on the trails that lead up to my favourite Kelowna hiking spot and I just wanted to post here a message I had sent to me from the land owner of that area;

Recently I had an email from the owner of Hayman Lake. This was a huge surprise to me as I thought the area was on crown land. Here is what he had to say;
Excellent picture and article. Just wanted to inform you that Hayman Lake is on private property.

We do not mind people hiking or riding on the property just as long as they do not leave garbage or vandalize the headgate of the dam. The head gate was vandalized last fall. (2007) This dam provides water to the yeulett and golf course properties on Shannon Lake road.
Again great video and pictures.
( took the opportunity and asked a few more questions)

When hiking around the lake, I noticed the remains of an old cabin close to the middle of the lake along the west shore. Did somone live there at some time? Yes Mr. and Mrs. Hayman lived their in the summer time, they even maved a piano up their. I think they lived there for her health.

Is your property used for range land? It was, I think some ensign cows range their now.

Do you know of the group that is working to restore the McDougall Rim Loop? I had heard that the motor bikers wanted to open up the Mc Dougal rim trail as I think they built it originally

I was recently at the cave above Rose Valley Dam and may post theat information for the Hayman Lake area as well. Do you access Hayman Lake from the private road at the north end of Rose Valley Lake? No we use Bartley road and have just received a crown R/W to get to Hayamn