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Date: March 26, 2009

Location: Mt. Hayman

Conditions: Very snowy at the top (up to 1.5 feet), muddy at the bottom west of the mountain and totally dry at the bottom south of the mountain.

Length of trip: 1.5 hours – 2 hours

Description: after traveling along Bartley road, passing the parking lot most people park at to hike up the mountain, passing the cattle guard by several hundred meters and starting at a relatively well traveled (4×4) road on the west side of the mountain I biked up the 4×4 road towards Hayman lake. At first biking was relatively easy going although muddy, but as the snow became deeper with elevation gain it became impossible to continue biking and much of the ascent became pushing or carrying my bike. After nearly reaching the lake I turned back to bike down the paths leading down the south side of the mountain to the parking lot. Downhill biking in snowy conditions sucks. I met two guys on quads on the way down; they thought I was crazy, especially due to my shorts and t-shirt which contrasted nicely to the snowy background. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Recommendations: The loop I took is very nice for biking if you plan to visit Hayman Lake via bike as the road up to the lake on the west of the mountain is considerably less steep then the trails coming up from the parking lot. Also, if you plan to do this trip in March, hiking would be the preferred mode of travel, with snowshoes to wear when you get to the top. Bringing cookies is a must.