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I heard about the waterway that runs between Oyama Lake and Streak Lake on the Aberdeen plateau and how it is a great place just waiting for canoeists to discover nature and finally made the trip today with Suzanne and Sydney. The highlights were the stop at Oyama Lookout on the way up Oyama Lake road and a Blue Herring taking off from very close to the canoe just after we began the journey to Streak Lake from Oyama Lake. With the high water levels this year, there was not only no problem for a canoe to travel between the two lakes but a larger fishing boat also made the journey successfully. The GPS track below will bring you to the lookout and after that there are signs that take you to Oyama Lake. Once you can see Oyama Lake, do not enter the resort to launch (unless you are a guest) but you can use the rec site just to the north of the resort entrance (like 15 yards, eh)

The first pictures below are of the Oyama Lake Recreation site where it is free to camp (you pay for what you get here – not even toilet paper in the outhouse). Once you enter the recreation site you will see the multiple islands of Oyama lake with gentle waves nipping at each shoreline and fishermen jostling for the seemingly best spot while the air is filled with smells of smokies cooking on the grills of a few campers who are taking advantage of the free campsite despite the teams of gawking fishermen launching their boats of all types and sizes in the one stall launch area.


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