Hiking throughout the Okanagan and other interesting places in British Columbia, I have come across a number of unique geographical features that have not been named on any map that I am aware of and these spots have not been mentioned in local hiking anals etc. I have always thought it would be helpful to name unique geographic features so and to have them shown on hiking maps and official terrain maps so others could also find the points of interest and so the spots could be referred to in missing person searches etc. Please read the following British Columbian official notes on how to get a place named if you know of places that should be named and give input via the comments on place I would like to submit to have named.

I have two features that I would like to have named.

  1. Hayman PointHayman Point
  2. Trapline

Art Water Falls


Proposals should be submitted in writing directly to the Geographical Names Office of the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations, and must include the following information:

    • precise delineation of the feature to be named on a photocopy of a 1:50 000 or similarly detailed map
    • a valid reason for naming the particular feature at this time
    • the significance or meaning of the proposed name
    • itemization of all research undertaken, including a list of local sources contacted, copies of correspondence received from local authorities and experts, and reference materials examined to ascertain that the feature doesn’t already have another local or historic name (note that the absence of a label on published maps does not guarantee that the feature is unnamed).

If the proposed name refers to the appearance of the feature (eg.Turtles Head Point), a photograph or sketch demonstrating the appearance would be appreciated; if applicable, please identify the time of day, season or aspect when the namesake markings, outlines or resemblances are particularly noteworthy.

If proposing that a well-established local name be made official, photocopies of documents, maps or correspondence containing or showing prior use of the name should be included; information about the earliest use and likely provenance of the name is of particular interest.

A commemorative name proposal must also include the following information:

    • a statement of the proponent’s relationship to the person(s) to be commemorated;
    • objective evidence that the proposed name is acceptable beyond a single or special interest group;
    • a brief biography of the person(s) to be commemorated, including a description of their association with the area where the feature is located, and an explanation of their unique contributions that tend to single them out for commemoration in this fashion.

Proposals must be signed and include a complete return address and the optional inclusion of a daytime phone number or email address.
Geographical Names Office

GeoBC: Base and Parcel Mapping Section
Ministry of Natural Resource Operations
(250) 952-6572
BC Geographical Names Information System:
Policy revised January 2000
Ministry name changed October 2010

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