A 5.7 km hike on Kelowna’s Southern slopes. (round trip)

1. If you have been on the Angel Springs trail before:
If you have been on the Angel Springs trail before; looking for these warm-springs, but having no clue what to expect, the Angel Springs is just a section of KLO creek where hydrothermal activity heats the water to 29 degrees Celcius at the warmest. The springs do not occur in one specific area but several parts of the creek in the area of the trail that are warmed by seeps of hot water from inside the earth. Water from the springs is found in a small ravine and is identified by its bright orange colour. The colour of the water comes from algal growth and some iron-bearing minerals.

2. If you have never been on the trail, but would like to visit the springs:

This is a very nice hike, and is not too terribly long, although wet conditions due to run off in the spring can make the hike very long and slightly unenjoyable. To get to the springs you follow June Springs Rd untill it changes into a dirt road, Little White Forest Service Road, follow this until you get to a flat area where you could park, this is where the trail starts. (This parking area also provided a place for a little bit of pellet gun target practice due to a nice embankment that stops all pellets.) The cordinates of the trail head are:
49 (degrees) 48’31.01’’N
119 (degrees) 22’28.69’’W
and the elevation is approximately 3129 feet.

Thanks to Rob who commented on this post, I was corrected and have found this information on the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park website (Angel Springs Trail is in the park):


Myra-Bellevue is open to hunting. Check the British Columbia Hunting and Trapping Regulations synopsis for further details.
Note: There is a large population base using the Crawford Trails network, and hunters are urged to be cautious when hunting in this location.

I believe you can follow the trail as a loop. Have fun!

The following trail pictures are old with a cheap camera – send me yours after you complete the hike!


Angel Springs Trail Head – On Little White FSR – near 1 km mark.

At the first fork, go upwards (right) and follow the trail and signs. These pictures were taken in the spring when there was lots of water on the trails in Kelowna. The trail is pretty wide at first then narrows down as it follows the Myra Canyon just outside of Kelowna.


Free Camping

Take the correct path in the Angel Springs Trail Fork.


Angel Springs Trail

Angel Springs Trail



Angel Springs Trail Sign



Angel Springs Area near the KVR


Free Hiking

Cedar Trees by Angel Springs


free camping

Angel Springs Rock

At the 1 km sign post on Little White Forest Service Road there is a nice parking area with lots of banks that work well for pellet gun and sling shot practice.