At Abbott Creek you will enjoy 2 Campsites and be able to get there with a four wheel drive

Facilities:Tables, Toilets


Site Description:The small sub-alpine Placer Lake recreation site provides camping, hiking and fishing opportunities. Vehicle access is only recommended to within approximately 1.5 km of the site. From there, a short hike will bring you to the lake. Due to access, float tube/belly boat fishing is quite popular at the lake.

Driving Directions:Follow Hwy 5 south from Princeton for 39km where you will turn left onto the Placer Mtn Road. Go over the bridge and stay right at 1.5km and 9.5km. Do not go onto the Upper Placer Road. Turn right onto the Calcite Road at 12 km, turn left at 14km onto the Placer Bobcat Road and follow to the 19km marker. Turn left, use 4 wheel drive, go to the 20.5 km mark where there is a Placer Lake parking lot sign. Park here and walk up the 600 metre rough road to get to the campsite.

Placer Lake Free Camping