Hello everybody, as you have guessed I’m new to this game. I will be contributing to Clayton Kessler’s https://tracksandtrails.ca website from time to time as my adventures continue. As you can see by the title I do a little of everything and that does not even include the winter activities. What I am working on now for the website is recent trips to the christina lake , jewel lake and lac lejeune area all of which feature bike trips, hiking,  tunnels on the TCT, all which will feature gps coordinates and tracks which will be downloadable.

One of the frustrating things going to great new areas is not finding accurate local knowledge and getting good information is frustrating so Clayton and I are setting out to slowly change that. My posts will have gps information and tracks in garmin format. We are currently working on translating that to google earth ” kml” and ” kmz” file formats but that is a work in progress.  The programs I use for all of this is Oziexplorer for mapping, GSAK ( geocaching swiss army knife ) for file conversions between varies gps’s OZI and does many more ( HIGHLY RECOMMEND )  and of course a garmin gps, gamins are not necessarily better just way better supported by google earth and www.geocaching.com so it make sense to have.

Please stay tuned

cache in trash out