The Central Okanagan Search and Rescue Survival Training Camp and testing weekend began with the early morning chill still in the air. A bright March sun had wiped it away by the time our snowshoes were strapped on and we began our way to the navigation, belaying / rope work, communications and other practical testing area near Idabel Lake. After lunch at Zeke’s cabin, the 7 MIT’s were led by the COSAR trainers into the woods and directed to go further into the woods at various headings for several hundred metres and to build an overnight shelter. There are a few shelter pictures below.

Overnight the temperatures dropped to approx. minus 10 celcius but we all survived. The main thing that I would do different with my next shelter will beto make sure a plastic flap is drooped over the front of the survival shelter to keep in the body heat and the heat from the candles. I will also add a cheese cloth to my 24 hour pack to filter the snow or maybe even a coffee filter to pour my melted snow water through prior to drinking it. Remember to always leave some water in your cup or pot before adding more snow to melt…and don’t eat yellow snow.