I didn’t have a planned hike but the Central Okanagan Search and Rescue had activity that got me up and about in the Mculloch Lake and KVR area. There is still too much snow to hike in the higher elevations to hike but the snowmobiling and snowshoeing is quite fine.

Wile I was up in the hills my wife and boys went up to Crawford Trails in East Kelowna BC.  While this area is some of finest mountain biking in BC, it is still a great area for taking a hike in British Columbia.

CRAWFORD REPORT: As of the end of March 2008 there is still a lot of snow on the upper 3/4 ‘s of the area and many of the small trails have blow downs crossing the hiking trails.

TICKS: Something that surprised me was the fact that my kids came home with the first Ticks of the year. I thought there was no danger of having ticks stick to me while I hike in BC until May but if you are hiking in a British Columbia grassy area I guess that issue begins now.