My first thought to these official looking stickers that are being added to Hiking Trail signs and other Recreational Area Information signs was

“hmm, a new sign”.

Then I laughed when I realized that someone added the sticker because they are funny! That was in the Graystokes area where hikers better watch out for motorized vehicles in summer and winter as they are the designated mode of travel. A few weekends later I was exploring the Trepanier Canyon Provincial Park where motorized vehicles may not be permitted and I saw the same stickers being added and this time with a few new additions…bullet holes.

So I would like to use this blog as the staging point for movement to have this vandalism stopped. This type of vandalism is bad for everyone. It makes a bad name for responsible folks who use motorised vehicles for recreation, damages public property, misdirects and misinforms tourists and locals and really is irresponsible.

Please help stop this by commenting here and asking the members of various outdoor recreation groups to help put a stop to the people who are responsible.

I have emailed BC Parks and other parties that may be able to help.  I will add to this contact list as time permits. Please mention in the comments what groups you have contacted and if you have had any luck in asking people who are responsible to stop.

comment below —BC Parks

comment below —-Some Kelowna and Provincial ATV Groups

no comment —-Central Okanagan Hiking Club