Report on Lynx in the Okanagan

This post includes a link to the PDF complete report. I have uploaded the report because many hikers and adventurers in the Okanagan have never seen a Lynx. This report will answer many questions. Thanks to Ray Derickson who hosted the researchers at his trapping...

Oyama / Streak Lake Channel Oyama / Streak Lake channel is about 1.5 km long and offers a smorgasbord of outdoor zen delights. Just float and listen to a multitude of bird calls, paddle and hear the swoosh as you gently push through the reeds and paddy...

Saddle Mountain Lookout Reaching the summit of Saddle Mountain (locally known as Saddleback)

Made In Canada Fire Strikers and Fatwood tinder are Made In Canada

How To Light A Fire Without Matches

Step 1.

Fluff the fatwood by scraping the stick with the edge of your striker. If a hunting knife is available, use the BACK of the blade to fluff.

Step 2.

Practice getting a spark to land on the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your ferro rod and the edge of your striker.

Step 3.

Direct the sparks to the top of the pile of fluffed fatwood by using your QUICK-FIRE and the edge of the Striker. (Or use the back of a blade)