I wanted to get a GPS track to Big Meadow Lake but we drove by the final turn that takes one directly to the lake  and wound up on the Okanagan Highlands Trail…I think. The trail section is a great ATV trail and if you have a two wheel drive, stick to the logging road and you may have to walk the last 1km or so.

Okanagan Highlands Trails and Big Meadow Lake GPS Track:

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4x4 on the Okanagan Highlands Trail IMG-20130525-01832 IMG-20130525-01833 IMG-20130525-01847 IMG-20130525-01846 IMG-20130525-01845 IMG-20130525-01844 IMG-20130525-01843 IMG-20130525-01842 IMG-20130525-01841 IMG-20130525-01840 IMG-20130525-01839 IMG-20130525-01838 IMG-20130525-01837 IMG-20130525-01836 IMG-20130525-01835 IMG-20130525-01834 IMG-20130525-01830 IMG-20130525-01829 IMG-20130525-01828 IMG-20130525-01827 IMG-20130525-01826 IMG-20130525-01825




























































































































































Okanagan Highlands Trails and Big Meadow Lake