When you sleep your body cools down and your blood drawn from the foot and hands to the center of the body. Therefore you need an accurate insulation to preclude heat loss. Do you know how heat lost? It is primarily lost by conduction, convection, radiation and evaporation. You can stay warm while camping by applying some cool tips:

how to stay warm when camping

  1. Do not drink lots of fluids at night so that you need not go to the bathroom at midnight. It makes you loose heat faster by taking your clothes off!
  2. You may wear a stocking hat and covered your head.
  3. It may keep you warm if you use two closed cell foam pads beneath you.
  4. Warm up the sleeping bag with boiled water bottle.
  5. wear thin layers of clothing than a thick jumper. It will let warm air circulate.
  6. wear fingerless gloves in bed both hands and legs.
  7. Put your head inside the hood and snug it down so just your nose is exposed. You don’t want to breathe inside your bag.
  8. Wearing an entire fleece suit, socks, mittens and hat.
  9. Stay dry and is crucial to stay warm. Never let you get sweaty prevent sweating because when it stop will cool you too.
  10. Try to keep your sleeping bag dry as possible and get a sleeping bag at least 10 to 20 degrees decent quality sleeping bag whether double or single..
  11. Roll rocks in towels etc. and place in foot of sleeping bags or wherever.
  12. Make your camp in such a way that you take advantage of the nature materials.
  13. Dinner with lots of calories will give your much heat.
  14. Plan for a midnight snack if you wake up cold you this snack warm you back again.
  15. Roll the moisture out of your bag each morning when you get up
  16. Be aware of overheating at night. Being too warm produce sweat.
  17. Before going to bed make sure your feet dry enough. You can do it by a dry sleeping socks.
  18. Do not wear tight fitting cloths. Wear loose fitting clothing as possible will allow air circulation and make you warm.
  19. A roaring campfire will certainly provide some heat, but you’ll need to think about insulation if you want to keep your tent from losing its stored heat.
  20. You may pick up heat packs with you before your trip from store.