Outdoor Foods: Energy on the Go

As I have mentioned from the previous post,

Leave No Trace, The Ethics of Outdoors, there is no 7-11 out there in the wilderness, from down the underground rivers, to the woods of the forests and up to the peaks of the mountains. Planning ahead of the activity goes into action. For outdoor recreations such as trekking, hiking, or canoeing, everyone needs energy. Some people get so excited that they underestimate the energy they would need out there, so they go unprepared, not thinking the best food they should bring with them. Being prepared is the best. I have here a list of what I believe they should think of when packing for outdoor trip foods.

  1. Most important is energy. Every bones and every muscles you have in your body will be used while you are outdoors. Every move, every effort you give will drain energy from your body essentially making you tired along the way. Think of food that can give you energy.
  2. Weight. Since you will be going out your house, you will be carrying the food and other stuff you would need, like tent and extra clothing. Think of food that is not heavy and will not give you much weight.
  3. Trash generated. Think of the garbage the food will produce when you bring them; these includes containers and left overs. Remeber Leave No Trace.
  4. Time to prepare. If you make it to preparing foods, I believe you have prepared an itinerary for the activity. You don’t want to be late on your own plan right?
  5. Will the food last until the end of the activity? Since you are outdoor, you will be dealing with different climate conditions.
  6. Price. Self explanatory, unless you are Bill Gates.
  7. Alright, now taste. Who don’t want to eat tasty and delicious food???

For more references, try these:

I also came along this website, where you can calculate the energy you most probably need along the trail.