Kalum Lake Boat Launch
Type: No camping but a great boat launch.

fees: none

Kalum Lake a little hike that actually takes place within some 400m of the Nisgaa Highway, sterlingmountain from the north shore.
You will able to see a bunch of warblers and pair of mountain bluebirds. Lots of fry in the slower sidechannels and river edge would definitely get your fixed on.
The north end of Kalum Lake offer you paved boat launch and parking as well.
If you would be lucky enough, you might share the trail with Mr. Toad hiding behind some blade of grass.
A look west up the Kitsumkalum river above the lake is breathtaking. With a map, GPS you may be able to enjoy the Hiking Trail in from the road. The flood plain with cottonwoods along Wesach Creek and Mountains at Kalum Lake also welcomes you and don’t forget to check out the cedar river estuary !

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