A commute to work may not be any more calming than the commute that Doug Simpson travels to the FeatherCraft plant on Granville Island near Vancouver, British Columbia 3 days per week.

As the designer and founder of the fold up FeatherCraft Kayak, Doug Simpson relaxes his mind as he kayaks to his plant three days per week. There may not be better commute. Since the 70’s his beautiful watercraft creation has evolved from a crude design with an old pink skirt pulled over as his “skin” to a perfect craft that is near perfect in design and appeal. She is beautiful on the water and what really makes this kayak unique is that it can fold up and be carried in a large backpack. The assembly may take 30 minutes but when used often can be done in just a few.

This kayak has travelled around the world with Doug and other seafaring folk. Read more of Doug’s beauty and history on this FeatherCraft blog post.