Interested in Canadian and British Columbian free crown land camping and hiking information? I have found and listed here an executive summary of the official crown land rules and regulations for Crown Land use in B.C. (page 4 of the document) In the comments below, I have posted several links to amazing Crown Land mapping tools.

Winter Camping on Crown Land Pictures below!

Read on to learn what is considered legal activity in our forests and back country.

Activities that DO NOT require consent of the Recreation Regional Manager (See the third page of this document)

The following activities are not considered to be trail or recreation facility construction, rehabilitation or maintenance and do not require the consent of the Recreation Regional Manager before the activity may begin:

  • Basic access or travel through the forest or across the land, by individuals or groups, whether on a one-time basis or repetitive use of the same route.
  • Hiking on Crown land and the normal ground disturbance associated with this activity.
  • Route finding or route marking using ribbons, cairns or other directional indicators. The standard practice of nailing route markers to trees is an allowable practice and is not considered tree spiking under Section 55 of the Act (Tree Spiking Prohibited).
  • Minor, piecemeal or incidental clearing of brush or downed trees either on or off established trails. For example: bushwhacking, or clearing branches or deadfall that have fallen across an established path or trail.
  • Emergency repairs to a trail or recreation facility that is necessary to prevent imminent damage to the environment, the trail or the facility. For example: repairing a water bar on a section of trail where flooding is occurring and immediate repair is needed.
  • Emergency construction or maintenance of a trail when this is the only reasonable way of minimizing risk to personal safety.For example: placing a log over a stream that is necessary to cross to get out of the woods by dark.
  • Basic recreational use of a localized area, by individuals or groups. For example: camping on Crown land and the normal ground disturbance associated with this activity.
  • Construction of small, rustic structures of a temporary nature. For example: construction of rock fire rings, latrines, etc.

If you are uncertain whether or not your intended activity requires consent, please contact the nearest District Recreation Officer, or use the toll-free Enquiry BC line: (1-800-663-7867).

If your intended activity does not require consent, please proceed and enjoy yourself. Feel free to contact the nearest Recreation District office for information on public recreation opportunities, outdoor recreation etiquette or other assistance.

Winter Camping Pictures!

backpacks in quinzee  Dustin and his quinzee cooler quinzee dug out find your camp with Mazda beautiful winter pictures snowshoes and quinzee Dustin in deep Quinzee by Shaun Quinzee by Trenton quinzee door BC forest road winter conditions warm blankets for minus 20 outside