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Over 1100 British Columbia Recreation Sites have been created throughout B.C. These campsites, many of which are free campsites are located near great hiking and fishing areas. Several hundreds Forest Recreation sites, now simply called “Recreation Sites”, and 200 trails are managed through service contracts or partnership agreements.

The Agreements are administrated through the BC provincial government division – RSTBC (Recreation Sites and Trails B.C.) in partnership with recreation groups, First Nations, forest companies, regional districts, private organizations and other entities. Of course, many visitors and other groups volunteer their time and services to help maintain recreation sites, trails and facilities across British Columbia.

There are three types of recreation sites:

  1. Managed with fees,
  2. Managed without fees, and (Free)
  3. User maintained. (Free)

At Canada/s Campground Directory, ( by visiting the home and allowing your geo location to be used when asked, all the Recreation campsites we have listed, will show on the resulting map on any screen. The results will show Free and Managed recreation sites, Provincial Parks, National Parks and my some of my own crown land places to camp for free.

Get the most updated information on Recreation sites and Provincial parks by visiting the official website  link that I have listed on each individual profile page for the campground that can be viewed after clicking the icon that represents it on the Campground Directory map at

Camp for Free on Crown Land.
Crown Land – administered by each province

Camping in Canada on Crown Land is always free.
(Yes this is True…Free Camping – one reason why I love Canada!)

When camping on Crown Land your power source is always close – just plug into the nearest current bush :-)…or just get one of those nifty solar panels that you can plug into!

The way to camp on crown land is to drive to a place you can safely park at. A good area to park is usually on some logging road. Try not to park on highways as your car may get damaged and more importantly could actually be a danger to other motorists. Once you have found a parking area just backpack to a vista or nice secret fishing hole and enjoy the great outdoors. …and bears…and cougars…bugs…etc (Don’t forget the toilet paper. Oh …and always flush!)