British Columbia can be viewed in four main camping areas. These divisions on TracksAndTrails are:

  1. Coast Campgrounds
  2. Northern Interior Campgrounds
  3. Southern Interior West
  4. Southern Interior East

Campgrounds in these camping areas can be viewed on our Free Camping Map where you can search for campgrounds near a city and click the location markers with free map directions links or information links. The TracksAndTrails Campground Map will display Provincial Parks, Recreation Sites and Private Campgrounds. I we are missing your favourite campground email us the information about it.

British Columbia has over 1000 Recreation Sites with Managed and Free or User Maintained Camping, over 800 provincial parks for hiking and more than 300 provincial parks campgrounds. Please leave your comments and questions on the information posts. Your backcountry intelligence will be valuable to other camping and backcountry enthusiasts. If you are new to BC Outdoors, your question may be answered by one of the many local visitors that peruse

Camping Areas of British Columbia are Coast, Northern, Southern Interior West and Southern Interior East

Camping Areas of British Columbia