The multi-coloured mountain wildflower show is decorating the top of Silver Star Mountain.

“We had a slow start to the summer, it even snowed in July!,” exclaimed Roseanne Van Ee, Silver Star’s Mountain Naturalist and Tour Guide, “Now, all the recent heat and sunshine has the flowers popping out all together for a spectacular show”.

Sub-alpine rhododendrons

Sub-alpine rhododendrons - photo used with permission from

Van Ee goes on to describe, “Usually the yellow/red Columbines and orange Columbia Tiger Lilies bloom before the red Indian Paintbrush, white Valerian, blue Lupine and yellow Arnica mix, followed by the various purple Asters and Pearly Everlasting bunches, but they’re all out now!”

columbia lily cr

Columbia Lily Cr - photo used with permission by

The best way to experience not only the wildflowers, but also a bit of mountain history, ecology and geology, is to join an afternoon Mountain Wildflower Tour where hikers are guided on a downhill stroll through the best wildflower meadows,  to the remains of the Silver Queen mine and cabin and to the most spectacular valley and Columbia mountain viewpoints.

This year, Van Ee is giving tips and hints to improve your digital photos.  “I’ve always been a photo buff and enjoy helping others get the most from their automatic cameras.  Tour participants are really happy to learn a few tricks that create way better photos to impress their family and friends.”


Lupine - photo used with permission from

The tour starts with a chairlift ride to the top.  Monday to Thursdays the group walks down to the Comet chair, but on Friday and Saturday the village chairlift allows for a shorter walk. Participants enjoy a lemonade and cookie picnic at the end.

Leave the valley heat for a refreshing mountain stroll.  Pictures and tour descriptions are found or phone the Summer Ticket Office at 250-558-6010.