I haven’t hiked outside Cordillera that much but there are a lot of awesome mountains out the region too. The nearest mountain to Cordillera is in Nueva Vizcaya and it is slowly becoming a climbing destination by enthusiasts. You can go there without a guide if you know something about trail following because the trail is becoming more obvious because of the increasing number of hikers. You should be in good condition when hiking because this trail will be difficult if it is your first time to engage in such activity.

While hiking to the summit, you will find yourself in a beautiful forest that looks like the forest that you will encounter in Mt.Pulag when taking the Akiki Trail. There are a lot of bird species in this area that is why the government declared it as a protected area. After 2-3 hours of hiking, you will find a water station where you can rest. You will encounter quite a few water stations while going up so you don’t need to fill up your water jugs every time that you see one. It will take you approximately five hours to reach “Haring Bato” or “King Rock”. This is the view deck of Mt.Palali and here you will see several of the mountains of Cordillera and also Nueva Vizcaya and nearby provinces. It is a magnificent view and you will appreciate more of the mountain here in this area. You can set up your camp in the near grassland or you can continue hiking for one hour to reach the summit of the mountain.

There are a lot of flowers in this mountain area so please do not litter while in the trail. I am sure that you will have a beautiful hike in this area so in return, you should take care of its surroundings.